Search the Google Apps Marketplace and you'll find numerous SaaS applications from Zoho. But here's the interesting twist: Zoho claims to be the world's most successful Google Apps Marketplace partner, even as Zoho competes with Google Apps on some fronts.

In fact, Zoho now claims to have 6 million users across its various SaaS applications -- including Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice and Zoho Site24x7, just to name a few.

Zoho's strategy is pretty simple: Each time the company develops and launches a new SaaS application, the offering has integrations to the existing Zoho SaaS suite.  "As a customer you shouldn't have to worry about integrating cloud applications together," says Raju Vegesna, an evangelist at Zoho.

During a meeting at Zoho Corp.'s Pleasanton, Calif., offices last week, Vegesna and his peers described how Zoho Corp. is developing its two flagship businesses:

  • Zoho (SaaS applications)

  • ManageEngine (IT management software).

All of the Zoho and ManageEngine applications are built in-house by Zoho Corp.'s own development teams. The company has been entirely self-financed, with no need for venture capital or outside financing, according to multiple company executives.