Security-as-a-service provider Tripwire dropped me a line a few weeks ago regarding a new offering for MSPs and cloud service providers. Intrigued, I had a chat with Tripwire Chief Business Development Officer Dan Schoenbaum about the Secured By Tripwire offering, and heard about how the company is helping service providers help their customers clamp down on cloud data loss and meet compliance needs.

Unlike other aspects of IT, security and compliance aren't "nice-to-have" as Schoenbaum puts it -- especially when it comes to cloud services. And where many other vendors are developing identity and access management solutions, Tripwire is zeroing in on protecting against data breaches and making sure compliance needs are not only met, but that they continue to be met as time goes on. As you might guess, Tripwire's biggest customers are financial institutions, retail organizations, and federal agencies.

Now, here's where the IT channel comes in. IaaS offerings like Amazon Web Services' can boast about the high security and compliance of its data centers, the end customer doesn't get a whole lot of benefit when information's flying back and forth between their offices and the cloud, according to Schoenbaum. But Tripwire's MSP and cloud service provider partners can use Secured by Tripwire to lock those transactions down tight.

The added benefit for the MSP, beyond just that security, is the addition of upsells like ongoing compliance reporting, log management, permissions and ownership management, and so on. And it's cheap, too, with Tripwire providing partners with the hostable software for free and only charging based on what the customers use. MSPs are free to set their own price, and thus, their own margins.

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