Verizon (NASDAQ: VZ) subsidiary Terremark, an enterprise-level IT security provider, has released its latest secure cloud offering. The Enterprise Cloud Private Edition is based on Terremark’s main cloud platform, the Enterprise Cloud, and is designed as a single-tenant cloud environment to satisfy the security and compliance needs of government customers and large companies.

Enterprise Cloud Private Edition extends Terremark’s hybrid cloud strategy, enabling customers to “seamlessly” migrate data from on-premise servers to Terremark data centers and outside cloud storage providers. Terremark's carrier-neutral data centers mean customers can use multiple operating systems with private network integration.

“Our Private Edition solution is designed to meet the strong customer demand we’ve seen for the agility, cost efficiencies and flexibility of cloud computing, delivered in a single-tenant, dedicated environment,” said Ellen Rubin, Terremark’s VP of Cloud Products, in the press release.

In December 2011, Talkin’ Cloud reported Nelson Fonseca, previously COO at Terremark, had been named president as part of Verizon’s ongoing efforts to pursue its “global cloud strategy.”

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