Microsoft's announcement that the Node.js programming system had come to the Windows Azure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud by way of an SDK preview made many developers very happy. So it's probably going to come as good news to Node.js fans that Windows Azure snuck in an update to that SDK before 2011's end.

With this update to the Windows Azure SDK for Node.js, the community gets a PowerShell update with new cmdlets for "easily enabling remote desktop," as well as SSL support, according to Microsoft's official blog entry.

Also new with this release, as per that same blog entry:

  • IISNode 0.1.13 update (including 2X performance improvements!)

  • Node.js 0.6.6 update from Joyent, including a more stable npm

  • Installer in-place upgrade support for all these components (so you can just click theWebPI link and it will upgrade your existing installation of these components if you already have the previous version, or install them all if you don’t)

  • Numerous bug fixes in all three components (see herehere and here)

Oh, and I also recommend clicking through to the blog if you're interested in a screenshot-based walk-through on how to enable remote desktop.

There's been some channel chatter that Node.js may well be the next Ruby on Rails. In fact, Microsoft Windows Azure is an official sponsor of the upcoming inaugural Node Summit. I fully expect to hear more chatter around Node.js and how Azure partners fit in come 2012, so keep watching TalkinCloud.