Well, I'm back home in New York City after an eventful and informative several days in the Portland, Ore., area for the Intel Day in the Cloud event. In case you missed it, Intel laid out a lot of deep details on a cloud strategy and partner technologies. Now that I've conquered my jetlag, gotten a good night's sleep, and had time to process the truckload of data dropped on me, I have a few final tidbits from my time on Intel's campus to share.

In no particular order, there were two things I wanted to talk about:

  • During the event's lunch breakout sessions, I had the chance to sit down with representatives from Parallels, Microsoft, and VMware -- a rare virtualization leader trifecta. But the main topic of discussion that stands out in my memory was where service providers fit into the larger cloud business model. While all three companies were quick to praise the role that even the smallest MSPs and VARs play in migrating SMBs to the cloud, it sounded like all three companies were reading from the same script TalkinCloud's been attending performances of for a long time. Are there any vendors out there with a novel take on where the IT channel fits into the SaaS model?

  • And speaking of Parallels, I was remiss in my earlier report on Intel partner cloud solutions for not mentioning the virtualization software developer's Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure offering on display. They describe it as "Infrastructure Cloud 2.0," making it easy for solution providers to customize cloud offerings and integrate them into existing deployments for delivery to SMBs. The real differentiator, Parallels says, is that it delivers interconnected sets of cloud environments, load balanced and secured with vLANS and firewalls to create a virtual cloud data center. And it's hypervisor-agnostic, to boot. Parallels says their automation solution is a way for service providers to seriously compete with Amazon EC2 thanks to the combination of easy deployment and service provider-assured security.

Overall, it seemed like Intel's drawn a worth mix of cloud talent and partners to their vision. And while the Day in the Cloud may be over, TalkinCloud readers should be ready for Intel cloud updates as they arrive.

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