CumuLogic has caught the eye of the executives of Citrix Systems (NASDAQ: CTSX) because of its ability to bridge traditional data centers and clouds at the application level. Through its Startup Accelerator corporate incubator, Citrix has made an investment in CumuLogic that should give the smaller company a boost.

CumuLogic, which has been making waves with its focus on Java PaaS, is an application platform software provider. It recently launched its new CumuLogic Cloud Application Platform v1.0 for the Global 2000 and service providers in an effort redefine Java PaaS offerings. It also launched a version of its Java PaaS technology specifically for HP Cloud Services to make it easier to deploy Java applications.

"Enterprise adoption of cloud infrastructure is moving from simple infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to new classes of applications designed specifically for the cloud. CumuLogic provides enterprises with PaaS-like capabilities by providing a dynamically scalable application framework that integrates with any public or private IaaS cloud to deliver on this new hybrid cloud environment," said Martin Duursma, vice president of Citrix Labs and CTO office chair at Citrix, in a prepared statement.

According to the company, CumuLogic was selected for an investment because of its technology for bridging traditional data centers and the cloud at the application level. That makes it easier for enterprises and cloud providers to deploy enterprise-class applications in cloud environments without having to wait for the development standards to evolve and mature, according to Citrix.

CumuLogic was recently recognized as one of the first Citrix CloudPlatform partners to be verified Citrix Ready. The investment by Citrix will almost certainly give CumuLogic the kick it needs to more quickly mature its business and bring its products to maturity.

"Thanks to Citrix, we will be able to achieve great strides in realizing our vision," said Rajesh Ramchandani, CumuLogic's founder and CTO, in a prepared statement.

It should be interesting to see what this investment will mean for CumuLogic, beyond a quicker evolution of its products, as well as what plans Citrix has for the budding cloud company.