In weeks past, we've talked about how, despite the hype, the Talkin' Cloud Stock Index isn't immune to the market forces that affect the other companies traded on the floor. That's why it's a sad reality that for the period ending June 10, 2011, the Talkin' Cloud Stock Index fell a worrying 3.24 percent after the sixth consecutive week of Dow downturn. The 20 cloud and SaaS providers that we track are still up an overall 7.79 percent since Jan. 1, 2011 -- but that's a small consolation given the emerging downward trend.

Before we look at our single, solitary weekly winner (and a few top losers), it's time for our standard warning. Say it with me: The Talkin' Cloud Stock index is only designed to match cloud hype against real-world financial performance. Whether you buy, sell or hold is up to you and only you, as TalkinCloud doesn't offer specific financial advice.

One Winner

  • SaaS marketing provider Constant Contact (CTCT) is up 4.20 percent to $23.05 per share after it attracted the interest of short sellers on Wednesday, leading to a spike in price on Thursday. By market's close on Friday, CTCT stock had leveled out a little, but maintained a not-insignifcant portion of that growth. Of course, the question is whether or not they can maintain this recovery and fight the dreaded "downturn" call.

Three Losers

  • Those same short sellers weren't so kind to business execution cloud software vendor SuccessFactors (SFSF), which fell a head-turningly shocking 8.54 percent last week to $30.31 per share.

  • Just ahead of SFSF was HR software provider Kenexa Corporation (KNXA), continued to fall after brokerage firm Longbow downgraded them from "buy" to "neutral." At least one market-watcher suggests that Longbow may be telling its customers to sell, accounting for KNXA's 8.33 percent drop to $25.63/share.

  • Similarly, RightNow Technologies (RNOW), which experienced a lot of analyst pessimism and at least one ratings downgrade in May, dipped to $29.89 per share - a slide of 5.86 percent from last week - after SmarTrend gloated its cynicism was vindicated by the company's downward slope.

We're short on good news this week. But not on optimism. Come back next week to see if the Talkin' Cloud Stock Index can turn it around.

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