How do you take a massive on-premises software company and refocus it on cloud computing? Perhaps that question is best directed toward Sven Denecken, VP of strategy and head of co-innovation for SAP’s Cloud Solutions.

Denecken points to market research suggesting 75 percent of new enterprise IT spending will involve cloud or hybrid solutions by 2016. "SaaS and PaaS partners can and will build atop that," Denecken predicted in a conversation with Talkin' Cloud.

Denecken reports directly to Lars Dalgaard, CEO of SuccessFactors, the SaaS-centric HR and talent management company that SAP acquired for $3.4 billion in December 2011. Denecken, working closely with Dalgaard, sees clear opportunities for channel partners to focus on customers, money, suppliers, business relationshi

Denecken and his SAP cloud peers see three areas where cloud computing helps partners and customers (agility, efficiency, innovation). Plus, SAP sees four opportunities (systems of competitive advantage, connectivity, systems of record and systems of engagement) to help address those cloud opportunities.