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The best cloud services providers are the ones looking at the opportunities ahead. They are changing processes and using new tools to inform their own digital transformation while sharing these best practices with their customers. They’re moving up the stack, offering a wider breadth of services, or honing in on a specific industry vertical. They are constantly evaluating their service portfolio to ensure it includes the best-of-breed vendors. And they are doing all of this while navigating a rapidly changing technology environment and a completely new type of line-of-business buyer.

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These innovative cloud channel practitioners go above and beyond and deserve the recognition for their efforts. To that end, each year we release the Talkin’ Cloud 100 (TC 100) – a list of the best cloud providers in the channel. This year will be Talkin’ Cloud’s 7th year running the list, and we hope that you participate. [Check out the 2016 TC 100 here]

Please find the link to the survey below to nominate your company. Please note that while we do ask for details around revenue, all of the financial details are kept confidential. With a heavy weighting on recurring revenue, the editorial team also evaluates a number of other factors and research in its final decision.

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