Just days after the launch of Amazon Glacier, Amazon Web Services' cloud-based backup and disaster recovery service, Quantum has released a rival service that, like Glacier, can provide protection of data up to 1 petabyte in size.

Unveiled at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco, Q-Cloud is priced as low as 1 cent per Gigabyte per month, just like Glacier's pricing. Quantum is hoping to rival Amazon Glacier with its pricing, and while Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has the strength of being the top dog in the cloud world, Quantum has its extensive experience in data backup and disaster recovery going for it.

The service has been set up to make use of Quantum's deduplication technology to back up physical and virtual infrastructures. Aimed at small and medium enterprises, Q-Cloud is being targeted at businesses that want to get reliable, cloud-based backup in a "pay as you grow" subscription service.

According to Quantum, Q-Cloud is a pure cloud service that doesn't require any additional investments. The company noted that competitors "typically require customers to buy additional expensive hardware as data grows or abandon prior investments."

Compared to Glacier, Q-Cloud may have a bit of an advantage, although not one that is immediately apparent. Since its release last week, Glacier has been criticized for having hidden costs that could send the relatively cheap data storage pricing through the roof. All of this is speculation on the part of industry insiders and analysts, but if it turns out to be true, it could give an edge to Glacier's competitors -- such as Quantum.

Q-Cloud is available now in the United States and United Kingdom. It provides edge-to-cloud replication that can be leveraged by single or multisite enterprises. According to Quantum, when Q-Cloud is combined with a DXi-Series appliance, it provides local recovery options with the security of having a cloud-based backup of corporate data.