EMC (NYSE: EMC) has announced EMC Provens Solution for cloud computing and disaster recovery for SAP -- a new methodologies and services designed to help customers shift SAP solutions to virtual private cloud infrastructures and protect them with disaster recovery. EMC says the solutions are optimized for performance, cost and IT efficiency. Here are the details.

First, some background. EMC is making these announcements in conjuntion with SAP's (NYSE: SAP) Sapphire Now event in Orlando this week. And EMC Proven Solutions are technology recipes or playbooks offered by EMC to provide tried and true solutions designed to address common and thorny IT problems. EMC is now applying its Proven Solutions methodology to virtualizing SAP implementations in private clouds and to backing up those SAP implementations. The goal is to improve the efficiency and reduce the of running SAP while modernizing a company's infrastructure. 

EMC's Proven Solution for private cloud computing includes the following features:

  • Performance and scalability through EMC fully automated storage tiering (FAST VP);
  • IT management leveraging virtualized technology and integrated with SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management software;
  • Setup and deployment of virtual IT chargeback models;
  • Cloud stack monitoring across virtualized servers and infrastructure running SAP applications; and
  • Operations and continuous data protection for SAP solutions with EMC RecoverPoint and VPLEX

EMC Proven Solution for disaster recovery leverages EMC RecoverPoint with VMware (NYSE: VMW) Site Recovery Manager, aiming to "provide customers disaster recovery using VMAX and VNX series interchangeably as production and disaster recovery storage for SAP applications." The company said the solution enables the following:

  • Application consistent failover by providing a fully automated failover across multiple storage systems with write-order integrity of SAP applications all in a matter of minutes;
  • Point-in-time recovery through a granular recovery of SAP applications from a logical corruption without the need to restore and roll forward the entire database, accelerating recovery; and
  • Non-disruptive failover online testing through restoring a snapshot of SAP applications and encapsulating it in a private network during the test.

"SAP and EMC embarked on a journey two years ago when we announced we would change the course of IT for our customers with game changing solutions and services and we did," said EMC Solutions Group Senior Vice President Prasad Rampalli in a prepared statement. "Together we're ushering in a new era of IT transformation with our collaboration on private cloud technologies and SAP HANA. Through our shared vision and investments, we will continue to transform the way our customers leverage IT."