WHOA Networks today launched the WHOA.com Private Cloud, a cloud service that the company says offers public cloud agility together with the private cloud benefits that large enterprises want -- physical and logical isolation, dedicated hardware and security standards.

The service is built on the Cisco Systems (CSCO) FlexPod architecture and uses WHOA Networks' data centers. This solution also gives VMware (VMW) users the ability to create hybrid cloud networks.

The Hollywood, Florida-based cloud services provider (CSP) said the WHOA.com Private Cloud is designed to provide the highest level of security, redundancy and availability to organizations that deal with sensitive data.

"If an average small or medium-sized business (SMB) were to try and re-create our WHOA.com Private Cloud solution, it would be cost-prohibitive," WHOA.com Vice President David Zaizar said in a prepared statement. "For small and medium-sized businesses that need enterprise-grade virtual computing, the WHOA.com Private Cloud is the ideal solution, as it balances a feature-rich platform and a very aggressive price point."

Zaizar added he believes the WHOA.com Private Cloud delivers the highest level of security and privacy for enterprises.

"The driving force [for the WHOA.com Private Cloud] was utilizing the power and reliability of our world-class infrastructure and providing the highest level of security and privacy [and] protecting a company's highly sensitive data through an isolated storage design," he told Talkin' Cloud.

WHOA.com Private Cloud is crucial for WHOA Networks

Businesses can leverage the WHOA.com Private Cloud for more efficient, scalable and agile deployments of business applications and services, according to WHOA Networks.

Zaizar said he believes the WHOA.com Private Cloud will be important for WHOA Networks and its customers going forward.

"[The WHOA.com Private Cloud] has shown it can be an important part of our business, and we expect significant growth as we add additional compliance measures that are focused at specific industries," he said. "As long as there are businesses with ultra-sensitive information or highly complex and unique operating needs, there will always be a demand for private cloud [solutions]."

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