Piston Cloud Computing, an enterprise-level OpenStack specialist, announced a community open source initiative to integrate VMware’s (NYSE: VMW) Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service product with OpenStack. Piston Cloud is designing a “Cloud Provider Interface” with help from VMware to create the OpenStack integration, and also intends to submit the Cloud Foundry project to the OpenStack satellite ecosystem for acceptance as an incubation project.

The newly announced integration will be built using BOSH, an “open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management” for large scale Cloud Foundry instances that VMware launched in April 2012 at the celebration of Cloud Foundry’s first year.

“We’re delighted to see Piston Cloud take the lead for integrated OpenStack and Cloud Foundry solutions,” said Jerry Chen, VP of Cloud and Application Services at VMware, in the press release. “It is vital to our customers that Cloud Foundry be a true multicloud offering. We look forward to supporting the engineering effort as well as our mutual customers.”

Piston Cloud said it will add the OpenStack/Cloud Foundry integration to a future release of its Piston Enterprise operating system. Those interested in the OpenStack project can visit the Github website for more information.