Novell has joined the Microsoft Windows Azure Technology Adoption Program (TAP). The goal of this partnership: extend the Novell Cloud Security Service to all applications running in the Azure cloud, solving many cloud compliance and identity management issues for organizations.

The combined solution is only in the internal testing and validation phase, but when it's finished, Novell Cloud Security Service could solve headaches for Microsoft partners hosting applications in the cloud, according to the press release.

TalkinCloud sister blog MSPmentor covered the Novell Cloud Security Service launch back in August 2010. The general pitch to MSPs: The service keeps sensitive customer data and the identity management solution that controls it behind their firewall, securely extending it to SaaS applications only as needed. It's interesting to note that Novell built and marketed the service as exclusively for partners -- the Novell Cloud Security Service offering is hosted by MSPs and cloud services providers (CSPs), not the end-customer.

When the integration with Microsoft Windows Azure is released, cloud developers and hosters will be able to leverage that same functionality. A change made to user access in the identity management solution on the client's premises will be replicated in the cloud, providing a boon for service providers with customers with stringent compliance and security needs.

The press release doesn't give a timeline for a final release. But the Novell-Microsoft cloud announcement suggests that Novell continues to hit development deadlines amid Attachmate's buyout of Novell.

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