Last week was a painful one for me. First, I took a polite hit from Brendan Cosgrove, director of social media and community at Kaseya. Then, I took a few lumps from Nick Bock, CEO of Five Nines Technology Group, an MSP in Lincoln, Neb. In public forums and in private meetings, Cosgrove, Bock and a few other MSP pundits told me our websites were running slowly. And in some cases pages weren't loading at all. How the heck could that happen since our web sites run in the cloud -- where IT resources are automatically activated to boost site scalability and responsiveness?

Fact is, our websites faced the perfect storm last week...

  1. Our cloud service provider suffered some outages related to a faulty router software upgrade.

  2. Our web integrator had just upgraded our sites with a bunch of new capabilities.

  3. I had also updated our sites with a bunch of new plugins.

During parts of last week, I struggled to determine whether one, two or all three of those variables had hurt our site performance. Gradually, I narrowed down the issues to items one and three, and we took corrective action. And then earlier this week, our web integrator worked with our cloud service provider to activate a new caching system as well as a new content delivery network (CDN) system. So far, the enhancements and site fixes are holding up well (fingers crossed).