Last week at the OpenStack Design Summit, Morphlabs launched its all-SSD (solid state disk) mCloud Rack Enterprise Edition, an enterprise-level converged infrastructure solution on the OpenStack platform. The mCloud “Rack E” includes technologies such as Dell’s PowerEdge-C Platform, Arista Networks’ switches and Nexenta’s enterprise-class OpenStorage, and optimizes enterprise cloud implementations by providing more I/O operations per second (IOPs) per compute while retaining industry-defining power and cost efficiency, according to the company.

“The all-SSD mCloud Rack Enterprise Edition powered by OpenStack offers Morphlabs’ customers the full benefits of the most dynamic and fastest-growing open source project ever,” said Morphlabs CEO Winston Damarillo. “Morphlabs optimizes the best-of-breed cloud building blocks from Nexenta, Dell and Arista to deliver a high-performance, flexible infrastructure that leverages the robust OpenStack community for rapid innovations and increased code stability.”

mCloud offerings are built on Dell PowerEdge-C servers, and Dell Data Center Services (DCS) provides support for mCloud Racks. According to Morphlabs, mCloud Rack E is an affordable cloud solution providing modular enterprise-grade block storage, share-nothing architecture, and Nexenta Systems’ NexentaStor, SSD-accelerated storage that mitigates the risk of data loss.

Last week Morphlabs made news as part of another OpenStack collaboration, led by IT automation firm Puppet Labs and including Cisco Systems, Red Hat and eNovance.

Morphlabs has a trial of the mCloud Rack Enterprise Edition available for a limited time. Readers can click here to run the trial for the mCloud Rack E.