Welcome to the fifth annual Talkin' Cloud (TC) 100 survey. Each year Talkin' Cloud collects data on cloud services providers (CSPs) in the industry to provide channel partners with a ranking of CSPs dominating today's market space.

The majority of CSPs on the TC 100 list are participating companies. TC's staff will add some of the larger CSPs to this year's list to provide TC's readers with an accurate view of the cloud computing landscape.

Here are several items for participants to note before filling out the survey:

  • Please read the entire survey to make sure you're able to answer all of the required fields.
  • TC will not accept PDF submissions.
  • By completing this survey you certify that the data you've shared is accurate to the best of your knowledge. Once you complete and submit the survey, no further action on your part is required.
  • The survey ends on Friday, May 15, 2015 (end of day, U.S. eastern time).
  • Your company's financial information (where indicated in the survey) will remain confidential.

TC's staff uses various metrics —  including annual recurring cloud revenues, seats under management, growth rates and more — to identify and rank the world's top 100 CSPs.

Click here for the 2015 TC 100 Survey

Survey results will be released during a webinar on July 14, 2015. Please feel free to email me at cj.arlotta"at"penton.com with any questions or comments.

Download a PDF version of the survey here (this is only to be used for review purposes).

If you haven't had the chance to take a look at last year's list, you might want to find out who you're competing against.

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