Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), leveraging the (NYSE: CRM) cloud, has developed a single sign on (SSO) solution for cloud computing. Intel Cloud SSO stores user identities on, and leverages that information to authenticate users across multiple third-party cloud applications.

What's the potential upside for cloud integrators, cloud services providers and customers?

  • Problem: The typical enterprise leverages 20 to 40 SaaS applications, forcing users to remember dozens of user names and passwords. To cope, users sometimes dumb down their passwords or write them down, making them easy targets for hackers.

  • Potential Solution: In stark contrast, the Intel Cloud Single Sign On (Intel Cloud SSO) solution allows users to securely navigate multiple SaaS applications without having to remember various login information.

Basically, the user's identity lives in, and then that identity information is synchronized across third-party cloud applications. Intel calls it "Identity in the cloud, for the cloud."

"We're making security one of the pillars of Intel," said Andy Thurai, chief architect for Intel's Application Security & Identity Products Group. "Whether we like it or not, people's identity are going to be in the cloud. What if we managed identities and application access in a more secure way?"

Intel has not announced a partner program for Intel Cloud SSO, but we're watching to see how cloud integrators and cloud services providers potentially leverage the platform.