Is Amazon Web Services (AWS) getting easier for government organizations to manage? Perhaps. The latest evidence: AWS CloudFormation, which offers templates for cloud provisioning, is now available for the AWS GovCloud (US) region.

According to Amazon, customers and government agencies can now more easily move sensitive workloads into the cloud, while addressing compliance requirements.

A few weeks ago, AWS introduced two enhancements to AWS CloudFormation:

  • The first update provided parallel stack creation, update and deletion; and
  • the second, allowed nesting a stack as a resource inside a template.

Amazon Web Services is ranked No. 2 on our Top 100 Cloud Services Provider list. But rivals are giving chase. Just recently, Rackspace (RAX) pushed into AWS regions with latest data center in the Northern Virginia (IAD) region, perhaps trying to pull Amazon customers onto the Rackspace platform.

Earlier this month, IT research firm Forrester Research reported that software developers are choosing AWS more often than other cloud platform.