Why is Microsoft investing so much in cloud computing? Here's one potential answer: Cloud computing will create 14 million jobs by 2015, according to a report from International Data Corp. Moreover, the study -- commissioned by Microsoft -- predicted that cloud innovation will reach $1.1 trillion that same year.

Yes, Talkin' Cloud believes in the power and promise of cloud computing. But we also need to point out that the cloud is disruptive; the cloud will destroy some jobs and torpedo some industries -- though IDC Chief Research Officer John F. Gantz somewhat disputed that notion.

“For most organizations, cloud computing should be a no-brainer, given its ability to increase IT innovation and flexibility, lower capital costs, and help generate revenues that are multiples of spending,” said Gantz. “A common misperception is cloud computing is a job eliminator, but in truth it will be a job creator — a major one. And job growth will occur across continents and throughout organizations of all sizes because emerging markets, small cities and small businesses have the same access to cloud benefits as large enterprises or developed nations.”