Endpoint protection and authentication software specialist DigitalPersona has launched DigitalPersona Pro Workgroup SaaS, an offering to help MSPs offer smaller customers cloud-managed full-disk encryption for as little as $2 per device per month.

The pitch is a lot of the usual: Rather than purchase costly servers and go through the headaches of a traditional deployment, SMBs can save by harnessing the power of the cloud. DigitalPersona is hyping the ease of management, the high flexibility and scalability, and the low TCO of its new cloud solution.

Administrators of DigitalPersona Pro Workgroup SaaS can manage, deploy and report on security policies from a web console. The policies are automatically spread throughout the company's machines over the Internet, ensuring all business machines are protected and encrypted according to regulatory compliance concerns, according to the press release.

The DigitalPersona offering supports Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 endpoints, and is priced starting at $24 per computer per year. DigitalPersona also offers partners the ability to extend value-added services such as additional data protection and access management for $48 per year per computer.

I have to admit, I haven't heard of any other cloud security providers doing full-disk encryption. Which isn't to say that there aren't plenty of cloud DLP specialists, but DigitalPersona potentially fills a niche in the IT channel. We'll be watching closely for updates, so stay tuned.