If CumuLogic has its way, it will redefine Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for Global 2000 and service provider companies looking to build a Java PaaS in their data centers with the launch of CumuLogic Cloud Application Platform v1.0, which company executives said has been 18 months in development.

The enterprise platform was designed to transform virtualized environments and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds such as Citrix (NASDAQ: CTXS) CloudStack, OpenStack and VMware (NYSE: VMW) vSphere into high-value PaaS. According to Mike Soby, CumuLogic's president, the new platform sits on top of existing cloud infrastructure and simplifies the development, migration and management of cloud applications. It's also meant to make it easier for customers to bring existing legacy apps into the cloud fold -- hopefully without issue.

"We feel like all three of these -- development, migration and management -- will be part and parcel to increasing the overall cloud acceptance and the overall velocity of how cloud gets adopted in a very big way," Soby told Talkin' Cloud prior to the launch of the company's PaaS software.

Designed to work with a variety of infrastructures and platforms on the market, CumuLogic prides itself on being hardware- and software-agnostic. At the same time, it's also ramping up its channel strategy, although Soby noted the company is still in the early stages of sales development. After all, it's the first product to hit the market from the company formed by two former Sun Microsystems employees (which speaks volumes about CumuLogic's embrace of Java).

With a go-to-market strategy built primarily around channel sales, CumuLogic has only hired one inside salesperson, whose role will be more about enabling and supporting the channel than trying to take the PaaS product directly to customers. It's natural to expect some customers to make the leap to buying direct for whatever reason; it's a struggle often faced by partners, after all.

Many vendors in the cloud computing business have had to modify their channel strategies to fit what has become a new reality in the overall IT channel space, and CumuLogic is kicking things off with a non-traditional strategy, as well. Soby outlined a three-layer channel system (he was quick to point out it's not a typical tiered sales system). The three primary go-to-market avenues for CumuLogic Cloud Application Platform is through Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers such as Citrix and Eucalyptus, through cloud providers such as Rackspace, and through cloud integrators such as those found in the CloudStack community, among others.

The PaaS focuses on three key areas of functionality:

  • Application development, in which CumuLogic will enable cloud providers and cloud integrators with the ability to create new cloud-based applications for their preferred IDE. The vendor claims deployment is as simple as a single click.

  • Application migration, to help partners bridge the gap between existing (including legacy) Java applications and the cloud. CumuLogic promises migration from physical or virtual environments with minimal or zero code rewrites.

  • Application management, because what good is deployment without the ability to manage the applications? The 1.0 version of the solution provides application management functions out of the box, including high availability, self-healing, monitoring and real-time application-level usage metering.