Corso, a tech consultancy focused on enterprise architecture and strategic planning, launched its Strategic Planning Platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Corso’s new SaaS platform integrates enterprise architecture, IT and strategic planning into a planning workflow leveraging new trends in technology to facilitate decision-making on a strategic level, according to the company, and is effective for businesses with a mobile workforce managing strategic change through large projects that demand a flexible and systematic approach.

Founded in 2011, Corso is an IBM (NYSE: IBM) Business Partner. The Strategic Planning Platform integrates IBM’s suite of Rational tools including IBM Rational System Architect for enterprise architecture, IBM Rational Focal Point for portfolio management, IBM Rational Team Concert for software and project delivery and IBM Rational Asset Manager for asset management; IBM Jazz; and various social media platforms including Yammer, Salesforce and Twitter integrations, into a cloud service. IBM Jazz provides an integrated view of information from data sources throughout an enterprise.

“We offer customers instant access to a working strategic planning environment,” said Corso CEO Martin Owen in a prepared statement. “We’ve eliminated the hurdles inherent to owning and managing an IT infrastructure, including software installation, integrations, licensing, upgrades and maintenance. Our goal is to give customers an easy-to-use, readily available strategy and delivery mechanism that uses the most current technology for capturing, analyzing, sharing and publishing data. Our platform gives organizations the tools and support to better use their data to speed decisions and implementation on strategic projects while embracing the needs of the mobile workforce.”

Corso is offering a free white paper on its Strategic Planning Platform for those interested in learning more.