CloudWords Inc. has launched “OneTM,” a unified cloud-based translation management memory solution. It's designed to help businesses communicate worldwide,  translating and localizing content for the intended audience.

OneTM was built on the existing Cloudwords Translation Management Automation (TMA) Platform. CloudWords was founded in 2011 by former employees. Last year CloudWords reportedly raised $3 million, including funds from Salesforce executives CEO Mark Benioff and former CTO Craig Weissman. OneTM was developed by Cloudwords CTO Scott Yancey and Weissman.

“With OneTM, Cloudwords has delivered technology that enables companies to re-think the way they approach translation,” said CTO Scott Yancey and CloudWords co-founder, in a prepared statement. “More and more of today’s business success hinges on the ability to communicate with global customers in a timely and consistent manner. OneTM helps improve translation processes while helping keep tight control of budgets.”

CloudWords lists OneTM’s benefits:

  • Consistency & Quality: companies can centrally manage their translation memory across the whole enterprise, ensuring consistent terminology, tone and quality.

  • Flexibility & Efficiency: OneTM reduces the review cycle time required for editing, modifying data with language and phrases that can impact a client’s business, regardless of the language it is communicated in.

  • Increased ROI: the platform creates one location for a company’s translation projects, facilitating successful completion and increasing ROI.

  • Levels the Playing Field: OneTM unifies a company’s translation data into a single cloud-based location. It “levels the playing field” for translators in that they know exactly what projects they are quoting for and can provide the highest quality at the best cost for clients.

For managed services providers and VARs, a growing number of customers -- even small businesses -- now have international reach. Many of those MSPs and VARs offer website design and deployment services, unified communications services, and applications that need localized language support. Talkin' Cloud will be watching to see if CloudWords offers a partner program for those VARs and MSPs.