Spanning Cloud Apps has taken the next step in its evolution with the summer release of its Spanning Backup SaaS. Features included in the new release are intended to help large organizations to protect, manage and repair Google (GOOG) Apps data within their vast user bases.

The new summer 2013 release of the backup and recovery SaaS offering includes features like:

  • Email retention policy enforcement that reduces the management costs and security risks of retaining old emails. The new feature enables administrators to specify exactly how long backed-up email will be retained to comply with data retention policies. Users can also label key terms to be excluded from the deletion process, ensuring the most important emails are available indefinitely.
  • The addition of auto-add licenses eliminates the headache of manually adding and assigning licenses for new users by providing automatic assignment of available licenses to users added to a Google Apps domain.
  • Named administrators allows organizations to choose which users can be administrators of Spanning Backup, regardless of their rights on the Google Apps Domain.
  • Large domain support that enhances the usability of Spanning Backup for administrators of large domains. Users can navigate huge amounts of information with paging controls and type-ahead to quickly find the item of interest.

"We are seeing increasing numbers of very large-scale organizations, including global companies and educational institutions, migrate to Google Apps at an increased pace," said Charlie Wood, CEO of Spanning, in a prepared statement. "In addition to enterprise-class, long-term backup and recovery, the new features address critical pain points that plague organizations when they are managing thousands or tens of thousands of users."