Hitachi Solutions America has teamed up with TitanFile to jointly develop a product that addresses the security and agility needs of mobile professionals. The companies will pair Hitachi Solutions' Credeon Cloud Data Protection offering with TitanFile's cross-enterprise group communication and file-sharing service.

The partnership has just formed, so the result of the joint product development may not be seen until months down the road. For now, though, the two companies are beginning to work together on the product, a partnership that could see both organizations' cloud solutions grow in number and strength.

"We are very excited to partner with TitanFile as a way to continue to provide our customers with direct access to the latest technologies and products," said Yuji Nakagawa, vice president of the Security Solution Department of Hitachi Solutions America, in a prepared statement. "Their technology maps perfectly to our portfolio of secure mobile collaboration solutions that power today's distributed workforces. Additionally, we are looking forward to accessing TitanFile's customer base, which will help us extend our reach into new verticals."

Hitachi Solutions is part of the global Hitachi Group network of firms that provide customers with a variety of IT solutions. TitanFile is a two-year-old company specializing in the communications and collaboration space, going beyond mere file-sharing to include messaging and granular security controls, end-to-end encryption and mobile access capabilities.

The two companies promise an offering that will better protect their data transfers while also expanding the scope of their collaborative activities. They will co-market the cloud-based product.

Something about the announcements suggests maybe there is something more to this partnership announcement than meets the eye. The startup TitanFile could be a prime candidate for acquisition should things go well, but perhaps it's a bit early to speculate on such things.