Dropbox is the most commonly used cloud storage service on mobile devices, according to new data from German API integration provider CloudRail.

According to a report released by CloudRail on Wednesday, Dropbox is used by 63.8 percent of all users, followed by Google Drive, which is used by 17.8 percent.

The data was recorded between August and October 2016, and includes data from all cloud storage integrations powered by CloudRail on Android and iOS mobile platforms. CloudRail lets developers integrate cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and Egnyte via a single API.

OneDrive is used by 11.6 percent of users, followed by Box, which is the least used cloud storage service, and has the fewest active users, according to CloudRail. Box is used by 6.8 percent of users with 0.7 percent of active users.

Dropbox has the most active users, which are responsible for 80.8 percent of all API calls, the report says, while Google Drive is 14.5 percent.