If you're a Google Apps user, but you're feeling left out of Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) ediscovery and archiving service, there's good news. Google Apps Vault, which launched in March and has been available only to Google Apps for Business customers, is now also available to existing Apps and Google Apps for Education customers.

Google Apps Vault launched in March with the promise of cloud ediscovery at $5 per user per month. As Jack Halprin, Google's head of ediscovery, noted on the blog announcing the new service, Vault was designed to be an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for managing critical business data. The end result, according to Halprin, could be reduced costs related to litigation, regulatory investigation and compliance actions. Considering what the costs can be to a business suddenly in the tricky predicament of proving it has complied with regulations, it's a minor price to pay for that kind of peace of mind.

However, Vault was the playground for only a portion of the Apps customer base. Now, those ediscovery and archiving capabilities are being expanded to "existing Apps customers that purchased Google Apps online, directly from Google." That sounds like Google is cutting out any resellers, but according to the "do no evil" company, it's only a matter of time before it figures out how to work resellers into the go-to-market strategy.

Jerry Hong, Google Enterprise product manager, wrote on the Google Enterprise Blog: "For customers that purchased Google Apps from a reseller, prior to August 1st, 2012, we are working to enable Vault for online purchase through resellers and we’ll announce that when it's ready."

In other words, Stay tuned for further details.

In addition to Apps customers getting access to Vault, Google has also launched Vault for its Google Apps for Education customers. Unfortunately, the same limitations for resellers apply here.