One of the bigger bits of jargon in 2012 thus far is the term "social enterprise," coined by CEO Marc Benioff in the summer of 2011 and adopted by every single company that's integrating social features into its offerings. Well, OpenERP, provider of open source enterprise solutions for the cloud service provider channel, is the latest to enter the social conversation with the launch of version 6.1.

Compared to, say, Salesforce Chatter, OpenERP 6.1's social features don't sound all that heavy-duty: The press release promises documents (including calendar appointments, statistics, tasks for a project) can be shared between customers and suppliers under a "smart" system. It also includes a mechanism for syncing business flows, so, for example, a customer can integrate an invoice into his management workflow without the need to re-encode anything.

Not all the new features in OpenERP 6.1 are focused on social, either. A new web application for OpenERP 6.1 is a touchscreen interface for point-of-sale systems, and it works on any device with a browser, including the Apple iPad. The new release also includes a new, so-called "kanban" view that enables users to perform common tasks via drag-and-drop. To use OpenERP's own example, a CRM user could drag and drop a business opportunity and schedule a follow-up, or convert to a quotation, and so on.

The last time we heard from OpenERP, it was rolling out its version 6.0 release, which introduced the product's SaaS side to partners and resellers. The fact that OpenERP is placing a focus on entering the social enterprise, and that it's highlighting its web application functionalities, leads me to believe that the company is taking the cloud seriously. Stay tuned for more.