Consulting firm Infosys launched the Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub to accelerate time to market for cloud services, with the goal of speeding up the process by up to 40 percent while improving productivity by up to 20 percent and cost savings of up to 30 percent.

This launch follows more than 18 months of cloud development with three major components to Infosys' business -- professional services, business platforms and its ecosystem of partnerships. The new Cloud Ecosystem Hub was designed to speed up adoption of cloud services through rapid deployment and the ability to easily subscribe to IT and business services across multiple environments.

Built on the idea that enterprises are quickly evolving into the cloud in a big way, Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub was developed with the idea that 60 percent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud in the next six years. Even as enterprises look to cloud to provide benefits like agility, cost benefits, optimization and innovation, they are also struggling with challenges in terms of the segmentation of enterprise IT, Vishnu Bhat, vice president and global head for cloud at Infosys, told Talkin' Cloud.

Enterprises will continually be faced with using multiple cloud services providers, and according to Bhat, that means a lot of unclear SLAs regarding cloud services. The Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub is meant to make it easier to manage all of those disparate services and create automation where possible.

"It's a very comprehensive solution. We have the entire framework of private cloud and we bring in extreme automation into the environment, whether it's virtualized or not virtualized," Bhat said.

Smart brokerage features give customers and channel partners the ability to make enterprise-wide decisions regarding selecting, comparing and deploying cloud services across providers. With 20 parameters to use to factor into decisions, the new solution should provide customers with more data in their cloud services decision-making processes and provide them with a single pane of glass for viewing the entirety of the enterprise cloud ecosystem.

Infosys ties into 30 cloud infrastructures, applications and platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Dell, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, IBM, Microsoft and VMware.