When Tech Data announced the StreamOne Solutions Store this week, the strategy sounded somewhat like the Ingram Micro Cloud initiative to me. Both Ingram Micro and Tech Data are attempting to build cloud app stores. In theory, the stores will allow channel partners to source and provision cloud applications. But what are the differences between Tech Data StreamOne Solutions and Ingram Micro Cloud strategies? I dug up some answers during Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 (WPC11) earlier this week in Los Angeles.

How's this for ironic: During WPC11, I bumped into Renee Bergeron, Ingram Micro's VP of managed services and cloud computing, at the JW Marriott -- where Microsoft was holding strategic meetings most of the week. About 10 minutes later, I sat down with Joe Quaglia, senior VP of US marketing at Tech Data, and Stacy Nethercoat, VP of product marketing for Tech Data's software division.

Generally speaking, Bergeron has been the most vocal distribution executive in the cloud market. During Parallels Summit in February 2011, Bergeron declared that Ingram Micro was the distribution industry's leading cloud aggregator. And by June 2011, Ingram was hosting its own cloud summit in Phoenix.