You likely already appreciate the value of a smooth and easy hiring process and recognize that as a professional services firm, your people (well, your good people) are your product. It’s difficult enough that your company’s hiring decisions are typically made on projections for future revenue growth. This can make each new hire feel like a scramble of your company’s time and resources when it’s crunch time to hire.

The first tip is to avoid reinventing the wheel each time you need to fill a seat. When a company does something as repetitive as hiring, it should be automated or at least streamlined. Establish a process and proactively keep talent at your fingertips to avoid the scramble and to reduce turnover.

The second tip, is to recognize that the interview process is a mutual courtship between candidate and company. The easiest way to ensure your newly hired employee doesn’t turnover prematurely, is to make sure your position is a logical step for that person’s career progression. By hiring candidates who have done most, but not all of your job responsibilities, you tie them into the company longer by giving them tangible and reachable career goals they can see themselves achieving over time.

It’s been our experience, that the number one reason employees quit, is often because they don’t see how their career goals tie together with the company’s.

What do you look for when you hire cloud-ready managers for your company? What makes a candidate stand out from the rest of the group?