Rackspace (RAX) is hoping to reduce cloud complexity by providing a new infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution to its customers.

The San Antonio-based cloud hosting company on Thursday said it's rolling out the limited availability release of OnMetal Cloud Servers, a new offering designed for businesses in need of a way to spin API-driven bare metal servers without any multi-tenant challenges.

The company said OnMetal Cloud Servers are available in several sizes, powered by OpenStack and built with Open Compute hardware.

Every OnMetal Cloud Servers customer also receives access to Rackspace specialists, enabling them to optimize their application architecture, identify security threats, assist with code debugging and monitor their infrastructure, Rackspace said.

Rackspace President Taylor Rhodes said in a statement that multi-tenant clouds are becoming more complex, putting a strain on customers.

"We and our customers believe that virtualization and sharing a physical machine are fantastic tools for specific workloads at certain scale; however, these customers need a solution that is equally performant yet simpler once they outgrow this scale," he said.

OnMetal Cloud Servers will be generally available in the Rackspace Northern Virginia region next month.

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