Virtualization specialist and cloud services enablement vendor Parallels is working together with Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) to offer its Parallels Cloud Server virtualization solution for HP Moonshot, a workload-optimized server designed to run internet-scale applications.

Parallels said the partnership enables HP Moonshot customers running the HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridges to maximize their infrastructure investment by deploying multiple high density Parallels Containers on each Moonshot cartridge.

Parallels Service Provider CMO John Zanni said in a statement that "Parallels Containers provides unique capabilities that complement the HP Moonshot system.

"Parallels Containers operating system virtualization technology maximizes the customer investment in HP Moonshot server, while simultaneously improving performance," he said.

An HP executive concurred, citing the benefits to the company's customers.

"Parallels server virtualization solution for HP Moonshot enables us to provide increased value to our customers by improving workload performance and advancing memory management capabilities," HP Moonshot General Manager and Vice President Paul Stanteler said in a statement.

Separately, Parallels also recently added support for Microsoft (MSFT) Windows Azure Pack through the application packaging standard (APS) for Parallels Automation.

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