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Microsoft Azure is attempting to entice enterprise commitments by offering free support upgrades to its Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers worth up to $12,000, Microsoft announced on Tuesday. Eligible EA customers, who pay for their public cloud service upfront, can receive a one-year upgrade to a higher level of support between May 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.

The upgrades are split into two tiers, one for all eligible customers and one based on a commitment threshold of $10,000 for three consecutive months or $100,000 in total.

Those not currently paying for support can upgrade to Standard Support, valued at $3,600 for a year, or ProDirect Support if the meet the threshold, at an annual value of $12,000. Those with standard support can upgrade to ProDirect Support, and six App Consulting Services sessions if they meet the threshold. Those who already pay for ProDirect Support receive six App Consulting Service sessions, with six more if beyond the threshold. All of the upgrades are available only for the 12-month period.

Microsoft also announced a pair of free training programs to address a problematic shortage of cloud skills last week, called Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials and Microsoft IT Pro Career Center. Azure also launched its container service to generally availability last week.

Even as some service providers like Verizon and Rackspace reduce or close down their public clouds, competition remains fierce and new entrants like DreamHost’s DreamCompute join the market as adoption and revenues continue to grow.

Original article appeared here: Microsoft Azure Offers Support Upgrades for Select Enterprise Cloud Users