Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) has formed a partnership with Microsoft to launch an IoT traffic management platform running on Azure that the companies hope will help reduce congestion and contribute to economic growth.

CTS’ NextTraffic is a flexible and scalable cloud platform for centralizing the monitoring and management of traffic elements from different networks.

NextTraffic was unveiled at the “intelligent transport systems” conference ITS European Congress in Glasgow on Monday. It enables traffic data collection, processing, and monitoring, to support control of surface transportation systems and information sharing about what roads to take.

“This collaboration allows us to utilize the full power of Microsoft technology to improve our solutions today and develop future-proof, scalable solutions for tomorrow,” said Boris Karsch, vice president of strategy, Cubic Transportation Systems. “This strategic relationship will be beneficial for both companies as we build on CTS’ expertise in payment and information systems for public transportation and traffic management and Microsoft’s world-leading enterprise solutions.”  

Cubic provides the systems behind the public transportation cards in London, New York, Chicago, and other cities.

“Smart city transportation solutions have the potential to improve traffic patterns, reduce congestion, contribute to economic growth and revolutionize city planning, all while improving the quality of transportation around the city,” said Toni Townes-Whitley, corporate vice president, worldwide public sector for Microsoft. “We’re excited to work with Cubic, a domain expert in its field, to develop new transportation solutions for our customers.”

Microsoft announced the availability of Azure IoT Suite and an IoT extension of its Azure Certification program at AzureCon last September. It also recently acquired Italian IoT startup Solair as part of its venture into the Internet of Things infrastructure market.