Fiberlink CEO Jim Sheward spoke with Talkin' Cloud in an exclusive interview on IBM (IBM) acquiring his company. He told us about how Fiberlink channel partners will be affected, how Fiberlink will work together with IBM, and the way companies are managing data. Here's what Sheward had to say.  

CJ: How will this deal affect Fiberlink channel partners? When were they informed?

JS: Fiberlink partners will continue to operate within the existing Fiberlink MaaSters Partner Program, and will conduct business as usual, using their current contract, terms and program structure. Partners were informed when the release went out, and we continually communicate with them directly.

CJ: How will Fiberlink work together with IBM after the acquisition?

JS: Upon completion of this deal, Fiberlink will be part of the IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure division in software. Fiberlink will also be closely aligned with IBM MobileFirst and Security businesses. Working with IBM represents a tremendous opportunity for us to gain access to IBM's worldwide resources to expand into more verticals, across more geographies and into additional markets.

CJ: Does this acquisition reveal a change in the way companies are protecting data? If so, how?

JS: Mobile is becoming the primary way organizations communicate -- with employees, partners and customers. However, until now, there have been significant management and security barriers that have kept organizations from unlocking the benefits of mobility, including increased productivity.

Companies now need a comprehensive set of mobile capabilities to protect applications, users, content, data and transactions -- spanning the full spectrum of needs from applications running on corporate-owned devices, to employee-owned BYOD situations, all the way to securing consumer transactions. The combination of IBM and Fiberlink will be uniquely positioned to deliver these capabilities.

Sheward declined to comment on what his role in the company will be after the acquisition.