Cloud hosting platform provider DigitalOcean has unveiled a new Amsterdam data center to expand its footprint in Europe and offer its shared private networking technology to the region.

With DigitalOcean's shared private networking feature, previously only available in the company's NYC2 datacenter, customers gain "the ability to create a virtual server containing both a public and private address, where any communication that happens over the private address happens over a private network," DigitalOcean CEO Ben Uretsky told Talkin' Cloud.

The company's expansion throughout Europe remains a top priority for Digital Ocean, Uretsky said.

"We’ll continue to invest heavily in our infrastructure as more datacenters are added throughout the world," he said. "We are looking to add capacity throughout Europe. We’ve explored further expansion in areas such as the U.K. Also places like China, Korea, Hong-Kong, Brazil, Russia, India and others."

Uretsky said the markets he mentioned "believe in cloud virtualization and it’s fantastic for their use cases," adding that "it also makes it cheaper for developers to build out infrastructure now that public clouds are becoming readily available in these regions.

"We’re seeing a greater trend in usage across emerging markets as they bring their applications to the Web to build on top of cloud platforms," he said.

DigitalOcean announced its new Amsterdam data center in a company blog post this past week.