Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service provider (IaaS) CloudSigma has released hybrid cloud hosting today for customers at its cloud locations, including Switch SuperNAP in Las Vegas; Interxion in Zurich, Switzerland; and Equinix.

The colocated space at each of these locations as well as private patching to the company's public cloud provides customers with  the security and elasticity required for sensitive data and demanding workloads, the company said in a statement.

Hybrid hosting customers have the option of leveraging a 1 GigE or 10 GigE private patch directly into their private network within CloudSigma’s cloud, and they can also take advantage of CloudSigma’s redundant routing, external IP connectivity and DDOS protection systems for their own private infrastructure, paying the standard per GB rate for outgoing data transfer only.

A rebate on cloud spending of up to 20 percent against customer private hosting costs is offered as a benefit to customers.

CloudSigma CEO Robert Jenkins told Talkin' Cloud that the company has been reaching out now to more channel partners than ever before, and partners seem to appreciate the company's technology.

According to Jenkins, partners like the CloudSigma cloud because they are free to configure the infrastructure the way they want to.

CloudSigma first introduced its private-patching technology with the launch of CloudSigma 2.0 in June 2013, a primary catalyst, according to the company, for Equinix’s subsequent partnership, announced in early July 2013.