Cloud Technology Partners has developed three new professional service offerings for channel partners looking for ways to streamline Amazon (AMZN) Web Services (AWS) adoption.

The IT software developer's solutions focus primarily on three areas: migrating applications to AWS; developing applications on AWS; and managing AWS production and dev/test environments.

Cloud Technology Partners Senior Vice President John Treadway told Talkin' Cloud in an interview that the company's direction with AWS is a result of working with "many of the largest enterprises moving to cloud computing."

"Many of these are actively working with or looking to deploy to AWS in the near future," he said. "As AWS is the leading public cloud it is natural for us to want to work with them."

Cloud Technology Partners' AWS migration services aim to speed the movement of applications to AWS by determing which applications and workloads work best on AWS and provide analysis at the portfolio level, as well as the application level.

The company's application development offering for AWS brings a "range of architecture, delivery and application modernization blueprints to the AWS ecosystem" through design patterns, code frameworks and cloud-native application development, with full support for optimized cloud models.

To manage both production and dev/test environments, Cloud Technology Partners is offering DevOps transformation, continuous delivery implementation and cloud management platforms for AWS deployments in multicloud environments.

Additionally, the company released its PaaSLane for AWS, a cloud platform designed to both smooth the transition, which was unveiled toward the end of October 2013. Cloud Technology Partners designed the solution to analyze the "source code of an application to identify issues that could impact the performance, scalability, stability or security of an application running on AWS."

"Very often there are issues in existing code that can be improved to optimize an application's use of AWS. Code-level issues surrounding elasticity and resiliency are very common," Treadway said. "Most applications will run as is, but they will not run as well until some of these changes are made."

Treadway concluded by noting that Cloud Technology Partners is actively seeking channel partners in all markets.