BitTitan has made several announcements in line with the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this week in Orlando, including a new free tool that will help partners and cloud service providers estimate the scope and cost of cloud projects.

Called the Estimator, the tool asks a series of questions about a cloud project, and provides details on technical parameters, estimated pricing, as well as offers cross-sell and upsell opportunities by instantly detecting additional service recommendations based on a customer’s needs.

Along with the free tool, BitTitan announced this week Health Check for DeploymentPro, a cloud-based solution for automated desktop management. The solution helps service providers detect what technology enhancements must take place prior to making the move to Office 365, including updates to software, browser, bandwidth, and operating system.

BitTitan announced two other initiatives this week aimed at simplifying the migrating and onboarding process to Office 365 for partners. The first, UserActivation for CSPs, is an end-to-end solution that automates the migration and onboarding of SMBs to Office 365.

“BitTitan unleashes the vast amount of potential available for cloud service providers and Microsoft Office 365,” said Geeman Yip, CEO and founder of BitTitan. “This is why we’re offering CSP specific products and incentives to make our solutions more accessible for our partners. We’re the fastest means to migrate and onboard to Office 365 for mailboxes and beyond. This not only guarantees new business growth and profits today, but enables our partners to grow and scale alongside the needs of their customers throughout their entire cloud lifecycle.”

BitTitan’s second initiative, the CSP Jumpstart Incentive, is part of Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Provider Program and provides BitTitan’s MigrationWiz and DeploymentPro as a free bundle for every new Office 365 seat sold.