User virtualization solutions provider AppSense recently announced enhancements to its Management Suite software, rebranded DesktopNow, including additions to enterprise features and capabilities to focus on manageability—primarily enterprise readiness, rapid adoption and product simplification. Here are the details.

According to the company, AppSense added componenets to DesktopNow to enhance user productivity and provide a consistent user experience balanced with improved management and security in Windows desktop environments. Among the enhancements:

  • AppSense Application Manager -- Users can control application access, ensure license compliance, manage user rights and control network and web access.
  • AppSense Environment Manager -- Manages setup, configuration, lock-down, self-healing and personalization of user environments across multiple devices and locations.
  • AppSense Performance Manager -- Optimizes CPU and memory usage, improves server density, reduces response times and enables hardware consolidation.

AppSense CTO of Enterprise Jon Rolls noted the rebranding of the solution and Enterprise consumerization's disruption of IT initiatives. "We have re-engineered and rebranded our well-known and trusted AppSense Management Suite to better adapt to change, and to reflect AppSense’s dramatically expanded range of solutions," he said. "Enterprise consumerization has disrupted IT initiatives and DesktopNow provides more flexibility and scale to allow IT organizations to react."