SOASTA, which provides a Web and mobile application testing solution, found 39 percent of Americans currently are using the cloud.

The company's new "Cloud Computing Survey," released this week, also revealed 86 percent of employed Americans said they believed the cloud has improved their lives at work.

SOASTA commissioned the Harris Poll to survey 2,051 adults about the prevalence of cloud computing in everyday life.

Survey results included:

  • The highest percentage of cloud users was in the South (44 percent), while the lowest percentage was in the Midwest (29 percent).
  • Millennials (people between the ages of 18 and 34) used the cloud the most (54 percent) out of any age group.
  • Households with children were more likely to use the cloud over households with no children (52 percent to 33 percent).
  • Renters were more likely to use the cloud over homeowners (42 percent to 38 percent).
  • Individuals who made between $75,000 and $99,000 annually were most likely to use the cloud, followed by those who made more than $100,000 a year. Those who made less than $50,000 annually were least likely to use the cloud.
  • Students were the most likely to use the cloud (55 percent), followed by the employed (44 percent), the unemployed (33 percent) and retired Americans (24 percent).

Respondents noted the cloud improved their lives in several ways:

  • Making sharing files easier (41 percent)
  • Peace of mind and not having to worry about backing up data (41 percent)
  • Accessing music from any location (37 percent)
  • More security (22 percent)
  • Making a job easier (18 percent)
  • Having the ability to get a cheaper smartphone without paying extra money for more memory (17 percent)
  • Collaborating with co-workers (14 percent)

"Our latest research shows that the cloud is increasingly recognized as a vital, everyday technology used by consumers to make their lives easier," SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos said in a prepared statement.

The cloud services market is expected to grow over the next few years as well.

Researchers said they expected the cloud services market to expand at a 21 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in a September 2013 study from 451 Research's Market Monitor service. They also noted this market could be worth $22.6 billion by 2016.

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