Maginatics Inc. is continuing its efforts to become the top contender in the distributed enterprise storage solutions market by unveiling new functionality and features to its enterprise and service provider customers.

The cloud-based storage company on Monday announced its Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP) version 3.0, the most recent version of its platform designed for software-defined data centers and the cloud.

The new release provides updates to Maginatics Virtual Filer (MVF) and two new performance features: Content Delivery Cache and Site Cache.

MVF enhancements include security and audit control capabilities with support for multi-user named admin accounts; and a combined solution for users leveraging MVF with an EMC ViPR object storage system.

The new Maginatics Content Delivery Cache features give customers the ability to directly leverage a content delivery network (CDN) without losing data consistency.

Site Cache allows customers to cache data at a local branch office to reduce overall wide area network (WAN) traffic and increase access for LAN-connected users who share constrained WAN pipes.

The company also made upgrades to disaster recovery and VM healing functions aimed at reducing the number of steps required by an admin during a disaster recovery, failover scenario or both.

"This new release delivers a rich set of capabilities to further help our customers mitigate or eliminate many of the key storage issues that arise in the distributed enterprise," Maginatics co-founder and CTO  Jay Kistler said in a statement.

Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform v3.0 will be generally available in late Q2 2014. Customers with current term or perpetual licenses will be able to upgrade to MCSP v3.0 at no additional cost.

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