NaviSite, Inc. this week rolled out a new addition to its suite of cloud storage and data replication solutions to meet the requirements of existing customers by working with EMC (EMC), a longtime technology partner.

Dubbed NaviCloud Vault: Data Domain, the new replication and storage solution offering combines NaviCloud with EMC Data Domain, a deduplication storage system that consolidates backup, archive and disaster recovery by eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data.

The new offering was designed to enable businesses with a on-demand, cloud-based model to scale their off-site storage capacity without the need for any upfront capital outlay, the company said.

"Off-site data replication is well known in the industry as a best practice but can be cumbersome and expensive to deploy on your own," NaviSite Product Management Vice Chris Patterson told Talkin' Cloud in an interview.

He added: "NaviSite simplifies the process of meeting this key need as well as enabling customers to do so in a very economical fashion."

The joint solution offers additional firewall services, Internet bandwidth, managed services and professional services. It is also integrated with NaviSite’s Cloud and Managed Hosting portfolio of services.

Patteron said this solution gives "channel partners, particularly those already with existing EMC offerings, an additional product to target their existing customer base and enhance previously deployed on-prem data domain solutions."

"We recognize the hard work that our partners have put into building relationships and delivering value to their end customers and will continue to deliver products that can enhance those existing relationships as well as open new opportunities," he said.

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