CloudBerry Lab this week rolled out a new cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-local backup solution to protect data stored in Microsoft (MSFT) Windows Azure, Amazon (AMZN) Web Services (AWS) and other public clouds.

The new release called CloudBerry Backup v3.8 enables users to move cloud-based data to a selected cloud storage or to a local disk to protect small and medium-sized (SMB) business data.

It also gives users the option to schedule backup jobs, configure retention policies and specify file types to backup or to skip as well as define purge options for backup files.

"Although leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure guarantee data durability and accessibility, they can’t help you to restore accidently deleted or corrupted files," CloudBerry Labs CTO Alexey Serkov said in a prepared statement.

CloudBerry Backup also supports other public clouds like Openstack, Rackspace, HP Cloud and more than 15 other providers.

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