Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider CloudSigma said its new partnership with CompatibleOne could enable CloudSigma partners to become cloud services brokers.

Through the partnership with open source, cloud brokerage platform provider CompatibleOne, CloudSigma customers can manage CloudSigma and other cloud vendor environments through a single interface.

"For MSPs, SIs and other partners who need to supply their customers with high availability solutions, federated cloud and hybrid cloud CompatibleOne makes it easy for MSPs and SIs to consolidate their clients compute into one centralized overview," CloudSigma COO Bernino Lind told Talkin' Cloud.

He added that "customers can save time and resources, while gaining better insight into how to provision their resources globally, with a unified view of all of their compute environments."

"With a partnership like this, we have made the cloud even more manageable and flexible for organizations, especially when one considers our commitment to helping companies avoid vendor lock-in and move data in and out of the cloud at will," he said.

"The cloud can only be truly open if you have open source technologies and open standards behind it, as well as other industry innovators promoting and investing in it," said Jean-Pierre Laisne, founder and CEO, CompatibleOne, in a statement.

CloudSigma plans to increase its focus on channel partners in 2014 through deeper technology integerations, as well as enhance support for MSPs and SIs, Lind said.

Technology partners will see more appliances available as single-click deployments, virtual private network (VPN) tunnels, stack monitoring and other offerings, he added.

"Overall, these partnerships will make CloudSigma's platform a lot more compelling, which, in turn, will help our channel partners," Lind said.

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