Storage company Nasuni is launching new audit functionality to capture data for compliance, claiming to be "the first cloud-integrated storage company" to provide audit capabilities to customers.

With Nasuni’s new audit functionality,  IT administrators can leverage key data and metrics by tracking all filesystem activity needed to respond to routine audit questions and compliance reviews.

Nasuni Marketing Director Connor Fee told Talkin' Cloud that the Nasuni system already performs various activities while the filesystem is running, but "the cool part about Nasuni is we always avoid doing any actions in the I/O path.

"This means we want to streamline file access requests as much as possible -- so anything we do happens 'out of band' or after the fact," he said. "Auditing is no different. We have steps that happen during the I/O path, but are incredibly lightweight -- then all of the processing of these steps is done after the fact with no impact to the users trying to open or save files."

Fee said this launch "continues to give channel partners a storage solution that is evolving faster than traditional platforms.

"Rather than rest on our laurels, Nasuni continues to innovate where the customers need the most help," he said. "These types of improvements continue to make storage as a service real competition for traditional storage arrays and the vendors that sell them -- great for the channel as this will help them take customers to the next generation of storage and continue to solidify their position as a trusted advisor."

Fee said this feature was driven by customer demand, but would not go into specifics "about Nasuni's development cycle and time."

The company's new audit functionality is available to all Nasuni customers at no additional charge.

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