Microsoft (MSFT) today showcased its Matter Center legal document management solution for Office 365 at the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) conference in Nashville, Tenn.

The Redmond, Wash.-based technology giant said Matter Center provides law firms and legal professionals with "a way to easily find, organize and collaborate on files."

Matter Center features:

  • A cloud-based briefcase -- The solution provides 1 TB of individual storage and a personal briefcase that automatically syncs documents.
  • Access controls -- Users can be granted or excluded access to a matter.
  • Collaboration tools -- Matter Center enables legal professionals to share files with others, both within and outside their law firm.
  • Document and matter search -- Legal professionals can search and find matters and related documents directly within Outlook or Word.
  • Integrated document management -- Legal professionals can drag, drop and save emails into documents or matter.

"Microsoft has built a security-enhanced, cloud-based document management application that allows our professionals to quickly locate and collaborate on documents with our counsel from virtually anywhere," John Frank, Microsoft's vice president and deputy general counsel, said in a prepared statement. "We've decided to make this solution more broadly available at the request of our outside counsel [to those] who want to utilize it in their own environments."

What does Matter Center mean for legal professionals?

Matter Center "gives legal professionals secure access to the information they need -- anywhere, anytime and from any device," according to Microsoft.

The solution also supports IT professionals, Microsoft said, because it allows them to adopt the cloud at a lower cost and reduced risk.

Microsoft has not set a release date for the final version of Matter Center, but those who are interested can learn more about the solution's beta program here

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