Despite increased awareness around cloud security, there are still enterprises holding back from cloud adoption because they are concerned about the vulnerabilities it might bring to their organization. For SaaS providers that target enterprises, this is a problem.

In an effort to address this, cloud security provider Vormetric announced on Thursday the release of Vormetric for SaaS Providers, a solution that protects customer data within SaaS environments from exposure to both the SaaS provider and to any attackers.

According to internal research by Vormetric, 60 percent of enterprises around the world are storing sensitive data within SaaS environments. Vormetric for SaaS providers includes field, file and folder encryption and associated data security controls. The solution is already integrated into offerings of more than 20 SaaS providers, Vormetric said, including providers specializing in financial services and healthcare.

“AirVault’s secure, cloud-based document management software services are trusted by the world’s most successful airlines to manage the maintenance records of their global commercial aircraft fleets. To earn the continued trust of the global aviation community we have made security and data integrity mission-critical imperatives,” CEO of AirVault, John Oldham said. “Vormetric enables us to protect this information while also addressing multiple compliance mandates from the many governing bodies involved.”

Vormetric offers two trust models: one where SaaS providers encrypt data for customers, and one where enterprises hold and manage their own encryption keys and access policies.

“Vormetric for SaaS Providers is a game changer. Enterprise security concerns about SaaS data-at-rest security, risk reduction, privacy and compliance have always inhibited enterprise SaaS adoption,” said vice president of cloud for Vormetric, C.J. Radford. “SaaS providers who visibly embrace Vormetric to lock down their customer’s information immediately reap the benefits of increased customer trust and confidence, while also differentiating their brand, reducing liability and unlocking new revenue opportunities.”